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At Perlmutter & Pourshalimi, we take on a wide range of cases with skill, dedication, and a sincere commitment to securing the best possible outcome for each client. Our attorneys are former criminal prosecutors who have also worked at some of the most prestigious civil litigation law firms.

Whether your loved one was the victim of elder abuse and neglect, whether you were the victim of a car accident, or whether you were injured as a result of an unsafe condition, Perlmutter & Pourshalimi has the experience to aggressively represent your interests. We offer aggressive representation for contingency fee arrangements. If we don’t win, you pay nothing. View More>>

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About Saeed Sharifi

Saeed Sharifi (سعید شریفی) is a web specialist with more than 6 years experience in the field of website. He created amazing websites during these years. Now he works with a company in united states.

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